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Japan Travel Bike provides a fast and friendly way to access over 5,000 bikes around Japan's cities, providing a unique, convenient and fun way to get around. Sign up now!


Hop on a bike and discover Tokyo's beauty from above ground while enjoying the fresh air — discover a hidden gem or unlock the real Japan by taking to the streets and leaving behind the busy trains.


Drop off your bike at any bike park around the city. It's quick and hassle-free and even works when the bike park is full! Let the Wi-Fi enabled bike do the hard work, which allow you park within the vicinity of the station and still return the bike in a jiffy.

Safety Rules

  • 1. Cycle on roads; avoid sidewalks when possible.
  • 2. Cycle on the left side of the road (do not cycle against the flow of traffic)
  • 3. Pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks. Cyclists must pass slowly on the street side of the sidewalk.
  • 4. Adhere to safety rules.
    • Do not ride while under the influence of alcohol
    • Only one rider per bicycle
    • Do not ride in parallel (side-by-side)
    • Use a light at night
    • Obey traffic signals. Stop at traffic signals. Look both ways
  • 5. Children must wear a helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

  • On the bike's control panel touch the "Start" button to begin.
  • Input your 4-digit Passcode number.
  • The bike will unlock allowing you to take control
  • To return a bike, you must always park it at a registered bike port. Leaving the bike elsewhere will result in your being charged for the next day(s).
  • Please confirm you have engaged the rear bike lock – you may need to adjust the rear tire to allow the lock to engage properly.
  • Wait 5 seconds and try one more time.
  • If you still can't return the bike, please confirm the bike is positioned within the bike port (if it is not close enough, you won't be able to return the bike). contact us.
  • Choose a bike with sufficient remaining Electric Assist power (30% or above), before unlocking the bike. 30% will last about 5–10km.
  • If you cannot find a bike with sufficient charge, walk to find an alternative bike port nearby and try again.
  • Alternatively, take the best bike available, ride to a nearby bike port and switch bikes. See how to exchange to a bike with a fresh battery.
  • Our Bike Port map shows you where the nearest bike port is located.
  • Please make sure you have enabled location services on your mobile device and have granted JapanTravel.bike permission to access your location.

On the Road

  • If the power runs out, the bike's control panel may become unusable.
  • Nonetheless, by turning off the power button, you will still be able to continue pedaling manually. Find a nearby bike port and switch to a bike with a fresh battery.
  • If you having mechanical problems, use our chat function to contact us, or you can ask for the bike to be "Returned" as is (i.e. without having to park at a registered bike port) by calling our bike supplier, DBS Co., directly at 0120-116-819 (English supported).
  • After stopping, lock the bike manually.
  • To get going again, just use your original passcode to unlock the bike.
  • If you need to switch bike for whatever reason, you can do so at any bike port.
  • Just ride up to any bike port and park your bike within the vicinity of the bike port area itself (it does not need to be physically docked). Lock the bike and hit "Enter" to return the bike, then use the JapanTravel.Bike app to request a new bike*.
  • *Please remember to "refresh status" on your One Day Pass to confirm the previous bike was successfully returned, allowing you to unlock a new bike. Only one bike at a time can be used per individual bike pass, but the bike can be switched an unlimited amount of times throughout the day.

  • Our Bike Port map shows you where the nearest bike port is located.
  • Please make sure you have enabled location services on your mobile device and have granted JapanTravel.bike permission to access your location.

Returning / Pass Management

  • After you have returned your bike to a registered bike port, engage the rear bike lock manually and press the "Enter" button.
  • Please confirm the control panel display reads "Return" to acknowledge the return is successful.
  • On the pass screen on your mobile device, tap 'Return Bike' to confirm the bike has been successfully returned.
  • *Important: Parking outside a bike port will not allow you to return it successfully – instead the bike will be parked but still active against your account and you will be charged for the next and following days.

  • If the bike control panel displays any error code, please contact us at the address below:
  • Contact Center (24/7) – Docomo Bikeshare Customer Support Center – 0120-116-819
  • One Day Passes expire on the same day (at 23:59), however, this does not mean the bike is returned. Instead, if your bike is not properly returned, it will be considered active and be charged for another day after 23:59.
  • Always be sure to confirm the status of your returned bike using the 'Refresh status' or 'Return Bike' options on the pass.
  • If you want to use the same bike for an additional day, our auto-renewal system allows you to keep using the bike the following day, hassle-free.

    If there is an active bike (i.e. bike is in use, and not returned) registered to your pass at 23:59, your pass will automatically renew providing an additional 24 hours to continue using your bike, as well as freely switch bikes.
  • To prevent your pass from auto-renewing, please ensure you return the bike properly after use, by following our guidance above (under )

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